Location of Licences

South Pacific Resources Ltd (the “Company”) operates, and holds a 100% working interest, in five Petroleum Prospecting Licenses in PNG (‘PPL’). These cover a total area of 11,972km2 in both onshore and offshore settings (Figure 1). Four of these (PPL 356, 357, 366 and 367) are in the Papuan Basin close to existing oil and [...]

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Dibiri & Hiri (PPL 356 & 357)

Dibiri & Hiri

These licences are located in the prospective offshore segment of the Papuan Basin very close to the Pandora and Pasca gas discoveries. The PNG LNG pipeline route passes through the shallow water of PPL 356. PPL 357 is in deepwater where no exploration drilling has been undertaken. PPL 356 & 357 are offshore in the [...]

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Biwai & Turama (PPL 366 & 367)

Biwai & Turama

These licences are located in the highly prospective onshore Papuan Basin close to oil and gas discoveries and production infrastructure.  Three prospective leads have been identified – Turama, East Turama and Gamma River.  Seismic acquisition in 2013-14 will determine if any can be promoted to drillable status. Onshore PPL 366 and 367 are located only [...]

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Cape Vogel Basin (PPL 358)

Cape Vogel

In the offshore frontier is Cape Vogel Basin. Oil and gas seeps have been reported and PPL 358 is west of an Ocean Drilling Project research well that encountered thermogenic gas. The principal subsurface risk is whether effective source rocks are present. Geoscience studies by South Pacific Resources Ltd identified rock sequences in PPL 358 that may [...]

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